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Radiodetection Calibration

Radiodetection Calibration List

PASS can advise on the calibration of the following Radiodetection instruments. Please contact us for details.

Radiodetection Instruments
1506 Signal Generator
C.A.T.3+ Cable / Pipe Detector
CAT Cable / Pipe Detector
CAT Plus Cable Detector
CAT3 Cable / Pipe Detector
Clamp Induction Clamp
GENNY Transmitter
GENNY 3 Transmitter
Genny CD 357004 Transmitter
Genny Plus Transmitter
Genny Plus Cable Detector
Genny3 Transmitter
PDL2 AD7 Cable / Pipe Detector
PDL2BR7 Cable / Pipe Detector
PDL2DA7 Cable Tracer, Receiver
RD2000 Cable / Pipe Detector
RD2000T1-640 Cable Avoidance Tool Signal Generator
RD400 Transmitter
RD400 Receiver
RD400 FFL Transmitter
RD4000 Cable Detector
RD4000Rx Cat Scanner
RD4000T10 Cable Tracer, Transmitter
RD4000T3 Cable Tracer, Transmitter
RD400FFL Receiver
RD400FFTX Transmitter
RD400HPTX Transmitter
RD400PXL Receiver
RD400SDTx Transmitter
RD400SL Receiver
RD400STx Transmitter
RD400tx Transmitter
RD400Tx Live Cable Connector
RD432PDL Receiver
RD433HCTx Transmitter
RD433HCTx-2 Transmitter
RD600 Cable Detector

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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