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Rotronic Calibration

Rotronic Calibration List

What Rotronic instruments do you need calibrating? Contact PASS with your requirements and we'll give you the best advice.

Rotronic Instruments
Rotronic Hygroclip
50% RH SOLUTION Relative Humidity Standard
A1 Humidity Indicator
A1 HYGROMER Humidity Indicator
A1H Humidity Indicator
A1H Hygrometer Probe
A2 Hygrometer
A2/K-25 Set Hygro Thermometer
C94/PT100 Hygrometer
DP-HCS-PPS150 Temperature & Humidity Probe
DV-2 Humidity Indicator
GT-L Temperature / Humidity Indicator
H-31DN Humidity Calibrator
HC2-HS28 Temperature Probe
HCLP-S Humidity & Temperature Simulator
HL-NT2-DP Data Logger
HP101A-CO2L5 Humidity / Temperature Probe
HP101A-L5 Humidity / Temperature Probe
HP101A-L5-K25W2W Temperature / Humidity Indicator
HP101A-L5-K40W3W Temperature & Humidity Probe
HP101A-LF-W1W Temperature / Humidity Indicator
HP102A-CP030-W1W Temperature / Humidity Indicator
HP102A-L5-W1F Temperature / Humidity Indicator
HP113A Humidity Probe
HP23 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
HT1 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
Hygroclip Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip 2-S Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip HC2-S Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip HC2-S Temperature & Humidity Probe Simulator
Hygroclip HCLP-S Humidity & Temperature Simulator
Hygroclip HK25 Temperature & Humidity Probe
HygroClip HK40 Humidity / Temperature Probe
HygroClip IC-1 Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip IC-4 Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip S Temperature & Humidity Probe
HygroClip SP05 Temperature & Humidity Probe
Hygroclip TH100-B5 PT100
Hygroclip-S Humidity & Temperature Simulator
Hygroclip-S Humidity Sensor
HygroFlex 5 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Hygrogen Humidity Generator
Hygrolog Temperature / Humidity Indicator
Hygrolog NT2-D Humidity / Temperature Logger
Hygrolog-D Temperature / Humidity Indicator
Hygrolog-D/Probe Humidity / Temperature Indicator And Probe Set
HygroPalm Hygrometer
HygroPalm 1 Hygrometer
Hygropalm 1/Hygroclip S Humidity / Temperature Indicator And Probe Set
Hygropalm 1/Hygroclip SP05 Humidity / Temperature Indicator And Probe Set
Hygropalm 3 Hygrometer
HygroPalm 3 Humidity Indicator
Hygropalm HP21 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
HygroPalm HP22 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
Hygropalm HP22-A Humidity / Temperature Meter
Hygropalm/Hygroclip HK40 Humidity / Temperature Indicator And Probe Set
Hygroscop A1 Temperature / Humidity Indicator
Hygroskop BT-RS1 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
HygroWin HC2 Humidity / Temperature Probe
I100 Hygrometer
I200 Hygrometer
M1 Hygromer Temperature / Humidity Indicator
MP300 Humidity Probe
PA10 Humidity Indicator
S1 Sword Hygrometer
T1 Temperature Indicator

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