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Solomat Calibration

Solomat Calibration List

Ensure the accuracy of your Solomat instruments with a calibration. Contact us for more details:

Solomat Instruments
Solomat Humidity / Temperature Probe
Solomat Humidity Sensor
Solomat Pressure Sensor
Solomat Pitot Tube
Solomat Optical Tachometer
Solomat Surface Probe
Solomat Temperature Probe - Air
Solomat Sensor, Air
127SX Anemometer Sensor
129 Anemometer Probe
129GN Hot Wire Anemometer
1455 Thermo Hygrometer
202P Temperature Probe
228MSB Anemometer Sensor
355RHB Humidity Probe
510E Anemometer Probe
510E Anemometer
510E Temperature Indicator
511LP Differential Pressure Transducer
MPM200 Humidity / Temperature Indicator
MPM2000 Thermo Anemometer
MPM500 Air Quality Monitor
MPM500e Multifunction Indicator
Zephyr Manometer

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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