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Starrett Calibration

Starrett Calibration List

Is the calibration of your Starrett products due? Get in touch to discuss your requirement with us.

Starrett Instruments
Starrett Depth Micrometer
Starrett External Micrometer
Starrett Internal Micrometer
Starrett Seam Micrometer
0"-1" No 436 Micrometer
0.0020"-0.0250" Feeler Gauge Set
0-1" Micrometer
0-30 cm Digital Caliper
1 - 2" Micrometer, Blade
1"-2" No 436 Micrometer
10 inch Setting Rod
1000mm/39" Steel Ruler
100mm Setting Rod
10-11 inch Setting Rod
11 inch Setting Rod
11-12 inch Setting Rod
1-12 inch Internal Micrometer
12" Inside Micrometer
125mm Setting Rod
150 mm Ruler
150-300mm No 224M Micrometer
196 Dial Test Indicator
2"-3" No 436 Micrometer
2-12 inch Internal Micrometer
224M Micrometer
2-3" External Micrometer
25-441J Dial Test Indicator
25-611 Dial Test Indicator
25mm Micrometer
25mm Setting Rod
25mm-50mm Micrometer
2730-1 Digital Indicator
2-8 inch Internal Micrometer
3 inch Setting Rod
3"-4" No 436 Micrometer
300-400 mm External Micrometer
300mm Ruler
3-4 inch Setting Rod
3-4 inch External Micrometer
350mm Setting Rod
375mm Setting Rod
380H Straight Edge
4"-5" No 436 Micrometer
40-180mm Internal Micrometer
436 External Micrometer
436RL-1 0-1" Micrometer
4-5 inch External Micrometer
4-5 inch Setting Rod
5"-6" No 436 Micrometer
50-200mm Internal Micrometer
50-300mm Internal Micrometer
50mm Setting Rod
5-6 inch Setting Rod
5-6 inch External Micrometer
6 inch Setting Rod
6"-12" 224 Micrometer
6.5 inch Setting Rod
6-12 inch External Micrometer
6-7 inch External Micrometer
6-7 inch Setting Rod
7 inch Setting Rod
711 Comparator
711FSAZ Dial Test Indicator
75-100mm External Micrometer
75mm Setting Rod
7-8 inch External Micrometer
8 inch Setting Rod
8-9 inch Setting Gauge
9 inch Setting Rod
9-10 inch Setting Rod
angle plate Angle Plate
Can Seam Micrometer
No 199 Precision Level
No.98 Spirit Level
Parallels Parallels

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