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TC Calibration

TC Calibration List

Contact PASS to see if we can help with the calibration of the below TC instruments:

TC Instruments
TC Temperature Probe
TC Thermometer, Pt100
12-K-10000-176-1.5-1I-3P3LA-15 Thermocouple, Type K
12-K-5000-125-1.0-21-3P2L-500M Thermocouple, Type K
12-K-500-176-3.0-2I-3P6M Thermocouple, Type K
12-N-100-176-1.5-21-3P6M Thermocouple, Type N
12-N-4000-176-1.5-21-3P6M Thermocouple, Type N
12-T-400-118-3.0 Thermocouple, Type T
12-T-400-118-3.0-2L Temperature Probe, Type T
12-T-400-118-3.0-2L-2MTRS Temperature Probe, Type T
12-T-400-118-3.0-2L-3P2L Temperature Probe, Type T
12-T-500-118-3.0-2L-3P2L-X1295 Temperature Probe, Type T
16 Thermometer Simulator, Pt100
4 wire PT100
401-321 Type K Thermocouple
405-234 Type N Thermocouple
405-752 Thermocouple
406-536 Type K Thermocouple
406-703 Temperature Probe, Type K
753-645 Temperature Logger
Duplex PRT 3 Wire
Heavy duty surface probe 90deg Thermocouple, Type K
PT100 Platinum Resistance Thermometer
PT100 Teflon insulated, 5m Rtd Probe
RTD Resistance Thermometer
Type K Thermocouple, Type K
Type K Thermocouple
Type K Temperature Probe
Type N Thermocouple
Type T Thermocouple

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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