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Tektronix Calibration

Tektronix Calibration List

Quality calibration and repair service is available for the following Tektronix instruments:

Tektronix Instruments
Tektronix Oscilloscope
1103 Power supply
11302A Oscilloscope
11402A Oscilloscope
11A34 Oscilloscope
1421 Vector Scope
148 Signal Generator
1503C Cable Tester
1720 Vector Scope
1721 Vector Scope
1731 Pattern Generator
1735 Waveform Monitor
1741A Waveform / Vector Monitor
1750 Pattern Generator
1751 Pattern Generator
1781R Video Measurement Set
211 Oscilloscope
212 Oscilloscope
2201 Oscilloscope
2205 Oscilloscope
221 Oscilloscope
2210 Oscilloscope
2211 Oscilloscope
2212 Oscilloscope
2213 Oscilloscope
2215 Oscilloscope
2215A Oscilloscope
222 Oscilloscope, Storage
2220 Oscilloscope
2225 Oscilloscope
2230 Oscilloscope
2232 Oscilloscope
2235 Oscilloscope
2236 Oscilloscope
2240 Oscilloscope
2245A Oscilloscope
2430 Oscilloscope
2430A Oscilloscope
2440 Oscilloscope
2445 Oscilloscope
2465 Oscilloscope
2465A Oscilloscope
2465B Oscilloscope
2467B Oscilloscope
2510 Test Lab Multi Channel Waveform Analyser
321A Oscilloscope
3S6 Oscilloscope, Analogue
3T6 Oscilloscope, Analogue
465 Oscilloscope
465B Oscilloscope
466 Oscilloscope
468 Oscilloscope
475 Oscilloscope
475A Oscilloscope
496P Spectrum Analyser
5111 Oscilloscope
5113 Oscilloscope
5116 Oscilloscope
520A Vector Scope
521A Vector Scope
547 Oscilloscope, Analogue
568 Oscilloscope, Analogue
576 Curve Tracer
5A20N Amplifier, Differential
5A26 Differential Amplifier
5A48 Vertical Amp
5B10N Oscilloscope
5B12N Timebase Plug In
5B40 Timebase Plug In
5S14N Amplifier, Dual Trace Delayed Sweep
7603 Amplifier, Differential
7623 Oscilloscope
7834 Oscilloscope
7904 Oscilloscope
7A11 Amplifier
7A13 Comparator, Differential
7A19 Amplifier
7A26 Oscilloscope
7B53AN Oscilloscope
7D01 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
7D10 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
7M11 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
7S11 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
7T11 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
A622 Probe
A6302 Current Probe
A6303XL Current Probe
A6304XL Current Probe
AA501 Distortion Analyser
ADA400A Amplifier, Differential
AFG3021 Function Generator
AFG3022 Function Generator
AFG3102 Function Generator
AFG320 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
AFG5501 Frequency Generator
AM503 Current Probe
AM503B Current Probe, Amplifier
ASG100 Signal Generator
AWG2040 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
AWG2041 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
AWG2045 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
CG5001 Calibration Generator
CG5010 Calibration Generator
CG551AP Calibration Generator
DC5010 Universal Counter/Timer
DC504 Counter
DC508A Frequency Counter Universal
DD501 Delay
DG2020 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
DG2020A Waveform Generator
DM5010 Multimeter
DM501A Multimeter
DM502A Multimeter
DM5110 DC Voltage, Plug in
DMM157 Multimeter
DMM249 Multimeter
DMM251 Multimeter
DMM254 Digital Multimeter
DMM353 Digital Multimeter
DMM4020-E1 Multimeter
DMM830 Digital Multimeter
DMM912 Multimeter
DMM914 Multimeter
DMM916 Multimeter
DPO2024 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3014 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO3034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO4054 Oscilloscope
DPO4104 Oscilloscope, Digital
DPO5034 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO7104 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
DPO7254 Oscilloscope
FCA3000 Frequency Counter
FG5010 Frequency Generator
FG501A Function Generator
MSO 4104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
MSO2022B Oscilloscope
MSO2024 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
P5100 Probe, Differential
P5102 Probe
P5205 Oscilloscope
P6015A H.V. Tester
P6015A High Voltage Probe
P6016 Current Probe
P6019 Current Probe & Load
P6021 Current Probe
P6022 Probe
P6243 Active Probe
P6245 Oscilloscope Probe
P6247 Oscilloscope Probe
P6302 Oscilloscope Probe
PFG5105 Function Generator
PG502 Frequency Generator, Plug In Unit
PG506 Calibration Generator
PS5004 Power supply
PS5010 Power supply
PS503A Power Supply DC
PWS4205 Power Supply DC
S1 Oscilloscope, Plug-In Module
TAS220 Oscilloscope
TAS465 Oscilloscope
TAS475 Oscilloscope
TBS1104 Oscilloscope
TCP202 Current Probe
TCP312 Current Probe
TCP404XL Current Probe
TCPA300 Current Probe, Amplifier
TCPA400 Current Probe, Amplifier
TDR 1503C Time Domain Reflectometer
TDR1502C Time Domain Reflectometer
TDS1001B Oscilloscope
TDS1002 Oscilloscope
TDS1002B Oscilloscope
TDS1012 Oscilloscope
TDS1012B Oscilloscope
TDS2001C Oscilloscope
TDS2002 Oscilloscope
TDS2002B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2002C Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2004B Oscilloscope
TDS2004C Oscilloscope, Digital
TDS2012 Oscilloscope
TDS2012C Oscilloscope
TDS2014 Oscilloscope
TDS2014B Oscilloscope
TDS2022 Oscilloscope
TDS2022B Digital Storage Oscilloscope
TDS2024 Oscilloscope
TDS2024 Oscilloscope, Digital
TDS210 Oscilloscope
TDS220 Oscilloscope
TDS224 Oscilloscope
TDS3000B Oscilloscope
TDS3012 Oscilloscope
TDS3012B Oscilloscope
TDS3014 Oscilloscope
TDS3014B Oscilloscope
TDS3024B Oscilloscope
TDS3032 Oscilloscope
TDS3034 Oscilloscope
TDS3034B Oscilloscope
TDS3034C Oscilloscope, Digital
TDS3052 Oscilloscope
TDS3052B Oscilloscope
TDS3054 Oscilloscope
TDS3054B Oscilloscope
TDS310 Oscilloscope
TDS320 Oscilloscope
TDS340A Oscilloscope
TDS360 Oscilloscope
TDS380 Oscilloscope
TDS410A Oscilloscope
TDS420 Oscilloscope
TDS420A Oscilloscope
TDS430A Oscilloscope
TDS460A Oscilloscope
TDS510A Oscilloscope
TDS520 Oscilloscope
TDS524A Oscilloscope
TDS540 Oscilloscope
TDS544 Oscilloscope
TDS580D Oscilloscope
TDS640A Oscilloscope
TDS694C Oscilloscope
TDS7054 Oscilloscope
TDS7104 Oscilloscope
TDS744 Oscilloscope
TDS744A Oscilloscope
TDS754A Oscilloscope
TDS754D Oscilloscope
TDS784D Oscilloscope
TDS794D Oscilloscope
TEK150 Multimeter
TEK434 Oscilloscope
TFS-2020 Optical Fault Finder
TG2000 Signal Generator
TG700 Tv Signal Generator Platform
THS710 Oscilloscope
THS720 Oscilloscope
THS720A Oscilloscope
THS720P Oscilloscope, Power Measurement
THS730A Oscilloscope
TLS216 Oscilloscope
TM5003 Signal Generator
TM501 Power Module
TM502A Current Probe, Amplifier
TM503 Distortion Analyser
TM504 Mainframe
Top 130 Optical Power Meter
Top 200 Optical Power Meter
TPG20 Pattern Generator
TPS 2012 Digital Oscilloscope
TPS2012 Oscilloscope
TPS2024 Oscilloscope
TR210 Huntron Tracker
TSG100 Signal Generator
TSG111 Signal Generator
TSG131 Signal Generator
TSG170A Pattern Generator
TSG271 Pattern Generator
TSG300 Signal Generator
TSG371 TV Generator, Component / Composite
TSG422 Component Generator
TSG601 SDI Generator
TX1 Digital Multimeter
TX3 Multimeter
Type 134 Current Probe, Amplifier
VM700 Video Measurement Set
VM700A Video Measurement Set
VM700T Video Measurement Set
VX2437 Multimeter
WFM601I Waveform Monitor
YT1S Recorder, Electrical

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