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TES Calibration

TES Calibration List

Get in touch to see if our team can help you with the calibration of the following TES instruments:

TES Instruments
1300 Digital Thermometer
1302 Thermometer, Digital Type K
1303 Digital Thermometer
1304 Thermometer, Printing
1306 Digital Thermometer
1307 Thermometer, Digital Dual Input Type K
1310 Digital Thermometer
1311A Digital Thermometer
1312 Digital Thermometer
1312 Digital Thermometer
1312A Thermometer, Digital Dual Input Type K
1313 Digital Thermometer
1319 Temperature Indicator
1319 Temperature Indicator, Digital
1322 Thermometer Infrared
1330 Light Meter
1330A Light Meter
1332 Light Meter
1332A Luxmeter
1334 Light Meter
1334A Light Meter
1336 Light Meter
1341 Anemometer
1350 Sound Level Meter
1350A Sound Level Meter
1351 Sound Level Meter
1352A Sound Level Meter
1356 Sound Level Meter, Calibrator
1360 Humidity / Temperature Meter
1361 Humidity / Temperature Logger
1364 Humidity / Temperature Logger
1600 Insulation Tester
1800 Loop / IPSC Tester
1900 RCD Tester
2610 Digital Multimeter
2700 Multimeter
3050 Clampmeter
AVM-09 Anemometer, Vane, Digital

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