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Tesa Calibration

Tesa Calibration List

PASS can advise on the calibration of the following Tesa instruments. Please contact us for details.

Tesa Instruments
Tesa Gauge Block Set
Tesa Optical Parallels
Tesa Optical Parallels
Tesa Ring Gauge
Tesa Vernier Caliper
0.5" Optical Flats
0-150mm Digital Caliper
0-150mm Depth Micrometer
0-150mm Vernier Caliper
0-25MM Micrometer
10.0005 mm Ring Gauge
1000mm Setting Ring
100-125 Internal Micrometer
12mm Optical Flats
1F0005 Indicator
50-75mm External Micrometer
9.9999 mm Ring Gauge
clinobevel1 Clinometer
E81 Slip Gauge Set
GT31 Height Gauge Probe
IP65 0-6" Digital Caliper
M11 Gauge Block Set - Steel
M47 Gauge Block Set
M5 Gauge Block Set
M87 Slip Gauge Set
M88 Slip Gauge Set
Microhite 600 Digital Height Gauges
Tesatronic TTD60 Dial Test Indicator
TTD60 & Lever Probe Tesatronic

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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