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Tinsley Calibration

Tinsley Calibration List

Please contact us to ascertain as to whether we are able to calibrate your Tinsley test instrument.

Tinsley Instruments
Tinsley Resistance Standard
1659 Standard Resistor
1682 Standard Resistor
4167C Transformer Ratiometer
4720 Resistance Decade Box
4721 High Resistance Decade Box
4737B Standard Resistance Unit
4737C Standard Resistance Unit
4737M Resistance Box
4738 Standard Resistor Set, Per Resistor
4740B Resistance Box
5187SA High Precision Platinum Resistance Thermometer
5560B Inductive Voltage Divider
5615 Standard Resistor
5685A Standard Resistor
5685B Standard Resistor
5686C Standard Resistor
5812DB Unknown
5840 CS/6T PRT Selector Switch
5875 Milli Ohmmeter
5878 Micro Ohmmeter
5882 ENVOY Thermometer, Bridge
5894 Micro Ohmmeter
5896B Transformer Micro Ohmmeter
5906A Resistance and Capacitance Test Set
5906B Conductor Resistance
640L LCR Databridge
6471 LCR Databridge
BR13 Standard Capacitor
GX9/1 1 mH Inductance Decade Box
GX9/2 10 mH Inductance Decade Box
GX9/3 100 mH Inductance Decade Box
GX9/4 1 H Inductance Decade Box
LCR6401 Databridge
QJ49 Wheatstone Bridge
Unknown Prism Lcr Bridge
ZX74 Resistance Decade Box
ZX74E Resistance Box
ZX75E Resistance Box
ZX76 Resistance Decade Box
ZX84E Resistance Decade Box

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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