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TSI Inc. Calibration

TSI Inc. Calibration List

Please get in touch for details regarding the TSI Inc. instruments we are able to calibrate.

TSI Inc. Instruments
TSI Inc. Pitot Tube
TSI Inc. Accubalance Hood
TSI Inc. Hot Wire Probe
TSI Inc. Vane Sensor
4040 Flowmeter, Mass
4040C Flowmeter, Mass
4043 Flowmeter, Mass
4045 RPE Mass Flowmeter Flowmeter
4046 Flowmeter
4046E Flow Meter
4071A Airflow Analyzer
4074A Airflow Analyzer
4078 Certifier FA
4146 Primary Flow Meter
5825 Micromanometer
800218 Temperature Probe
800219 Humidity Probe
8026 Particle Generator
8330 Anemometer
8330-1 Anemometer
8330-M-GB Anemometer
8340-M-GB Air Velocity Meter
8345-M-F Thermal Anemometer
8346 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
8347-M-GB Anemometer, Multifunction
8360-M-GB Air Velocity Meter
8370-M-GB Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
8372-M-GB Accubalance Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
8373-M-GB Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
8375-M-D Accubalance Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
8375-M-GB Accubalance Balometer, Air Volume Flow Meter
8380 Balometer Indicator
8384-M-GB Anemometer, Thermal
8385-M-GB Anemometer, Thermal
8386-M-GB Air Velocity Meter
8455 150-1 Air Velocity Transducer
8455-075 Hot Wire Anemometer
8455-300-1 Air Velocity Transducer
8475-150-1 Thermal Anemometer
8475-225-1 Air Velocity Transducer
8475-300-1 Anemometer, thermal omnidirectional
8520 Aerosol Monitor
8702 Micromanometer
8710 Micromanometer
8762-M-UK Air Quality Monitor
9515 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
9535 Anemometer
9545-A Air Velocity Meter
960 Thermo Anemometer
964 Humidity, Temperature and Air Velocity Probe
964 Multifunction Probe
AEROTRAK 8240 Optical Particle Counter
AFLSPVHD0001 Anemometer
DP-CALC 8705 Micromanometer
DP-CALC-8702-M-GB Micromanometer
EBT721 Balometer Hood Unit
IAQ920 Air Quality Monitor
Portacount Respirator Fit Tester
Portacount Plus 8020 Breathing Apparatus
Portacount Plus 8038 Respirator Fit Tester
PTS2000 Ventilator Tester
TA410 Anemometer / Temperature Indicator, Thermal
TA430 Thermo Anemometer
TA440 Anemometer, Thermal
TH-CALC Thermo Hygrometer
Thermal anemometer probe Anemometer Sensor
TS460 Anemometer Digital Indicator
VelCheck Face Velocity Test System
Velocicalc 8324-M-GB Anemometer
Velocicalc 8345-M-GB Anemometer
Velocicalc 8350 Anemometer
Velocicalc 8357-M-GB Anemometer
Velocicalc 8384A Anemometer
Velocicalc 8385A-M-F Multifunction Anemometer
Velocicalc 8386A-M-GB Temperature & Humidity Probe
Velocicalc 8386A-M-GB Pressure / Velocity Indicator
VelociCalc 9555 Multifunction Indicator
Velocicalc 9555-P Anemometer
Velocicalc 9565-P Multifunction Indicator

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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