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VWR Calibration

VWR Calibration List

Contact our team to discuss your VWR instrument calibration needs.

VWR Instruments
VWR Barometer
VWR Digital Stopwatch
VWR Temperature Probe
0 to 100°C Thermometer, Liquid In Glass Partial Immersion
0-150 mm Digital Caliper
-10 to 260ºC Thermometer, Liquid In Glass
12777-838 Digital Thermometer
1620 Temperature Indicator
1620-1585 Temperature Indicator
1628-0041 Barometer
1g E2 Weight
620-0915 Thermo Hygrometer
620-1585 Thermometer, Digital C/w Probe
620-2200 Digital Thermometer
98000-196 Digital Thermometer
Easy-Read Thermometer, Liquid In Glass Partial Immersion
I620-1582 Digital Thermometer
TH300 Temperature/Humidity/Dewpoint and flow rate meter

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