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Wayne Kerr Calibration

Wayne Kerr Calibration List

For a detailed list of the Wayne Kerr instruments we calibrate, please contact us.

Wayne Kerr Instruments
11E302BT Dual Power Supply
1EV1006 Component Fixture 1006
3245 Inductance Analyser
4210 LCR Meter
4225 LCR Meter
4230 LCR Meter
4270 Universal Bridge
4300 LCR Meter
6425 LCR Meter
AMS1 Signal Generator
AP6050 Power supply
AP6050A Power supply
AP7030A Power supply
B424 Component Meter
B605 Rlc Bridge
B642 Autobalance Bridge Universal Bridge
B905 Capacitance Bridge
E30-2BT Dual Power Supply
LS30/10 Power supply
PSD1101A Power supply

Call us on 01642 626144 or contact our team if your instrument is not listed.

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