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Yokogawa Calibration

Yokogawa Calibration List

What Yokogawa instruments do you need calibrating? Contact PASS with your requirements and we'll give you the best advice.

Yokogawa Instruments
Yokogawa Conductivity Sensor
Yokogawa Flowmeter, Variable Area
µR1000 Chart Recorder (pressure)
µR10000 Chart Recorder
0-400 UDC Voltmeter
10" Orifice Plate
16" Orifice Plate
2422 Calibrator
2433 Clampmeter
2509 Wattmeter, Digital
2533 Power Meter
2533E Power Meter
2554 Portable DC Voltage/Current Standard
2607 Tachometer
279301 Resistance Decade Box
3081 Recorder, Electrical
3088 Chart Recorder
3235 Earth Tester
3298 Display Tester
4081 Chart Recorder
436003 Chart Recorder
436004/STR Chart Recorder
436004-STR Recorder, Electrical
436006 Chart Recorder
437102 Chart Recorder
701933 Current Probe
701944 Oscilloscope Probe
7552 Digital Multimeter
7561 Multimeter
7562 Digital Multimeter
7563 Digital Thermometer
7651 DC Calibrator
ADMAG Flowmeter, Magnetic
AG1200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator
CA100 Multifunction Calibrator
DL1200A Oscilloscope
DL1300A Oscilloscope
DL1520L Digital Oscilloscope
DL1540 Oscilloscope
DL1540C Oscilloscope
DL708E Oscilloscope
DL716 Oscilloscope
DL750 Oscilloscope
DL850V Oscilloscope
DL9240 Oscilloscope, Digital
DLM2022 Oscilloscope
DLM2024 Oscilloscope
DLM6104 Oscilloscope
Duplex Thermometer, Pt100
DY010 Vortex Flowmeter
EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJA130A Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJA130E Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJA430A Pressure Transmitter
EJA430E Pressure Transmitter
EJA440A Pressure Transmitter
EJA510A Pressure Transmitter, Absolute
EJA530A Pressure Transmitter
EJA530E 0 to 250 barg Pressure Transmitter
EJA530E 0 to 400 barg Pressure Transmitter
EJX110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJX120A Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJX130A Differential Pressure Transmitter
EJX310A Pressure Transmitter
EJX430A Pressure Transmitter
EJX440A Pressure Transmitter
EJX510A Pressure Transmitter, Absolute
EJX530A Pressure Transmitter
EJX530E Pressure Transmitter
EJX910A Multivariable Transmitter
FC 120 (2 MHz) Function Generator
FG110 Frequency Generator
FG300 Frequency Generator
HR1300 Hybrid Recorder
K9221 Conductivity Sensor
MT210 Manometer, Digital
MV112 Event Recorder
MW100 Data Logger
OR141-2 Chart Recorder
ORM 1200 Oscillograph
QT40 Conductivity Transmitter Tester
QT40G Conductivity Simulator
RAMC02 Rotameter
ramc06-s4ss-71s5 Rotameter
RCCT 26 Flowmeter, Coriolis
RCCT24 Flowmeter, Coriolis
SC150 Conductivity Indicator
SC4A-S-SB-NN-002-05-T1 Conductivity Cell
SC82 Conductivity Indicator
TC120 Timer Counter
UR100 Chart Recorder
WT2030 Power Meter
WT210 Power Meter
WT230 Power Meter
WT333 Power Meter
YTA110 Temperature Transmitter
YTA310 Temperature Transmitter

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