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Why Calibrate Test Equipment?

If you’re new to a particular field that uses test equipment on a daily basis, you might be asking – why on earth do we have to calibrate our devices every year?

When first supplied, test equipment conforms to a set of standards that are designed to make measurements gained by that particular device as accurate as possible. Over time, and thanks to a number of contributing factors, the accuracy of the tester can begin to change, and can ultimately end up being entirely incorrect.

This process, which is known as ‘drifting’, isn’t avoidable, but it can be negated by regular calibrations performed on your tester. When a tester is calibrated, it is reset so that it conforms to the standards it previously had when shipped from the manufacturer, thus making sure your tester once again generates the correct results.

If this process isn’t regularly performed, chances are your tester is going to be generating incorrect readings. Many jobs will also require you to be able to show your test equipment is fully calibrated and certified, otherwise you won’t be able to actually complete the work.


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